Region Championships / 9-10th of February, 2019

U8 to U17 athletes


Saturday 9th - Sunday 10th February 2019 - for qualifying U8 to U17 athletes


Sydney Academy of Sport - Narrabeen
Wakehurst Parkway, Narrabeen

This event will be held on 9-10 February 2019 at Narrabeen (Region ‘5’). The program has mostly the same running order as Zone Championships but is subject to change.

Athletes U8 to U17 compete in events for which they qualified at Zone Championships.

For your informtion, Regions with two Zones (like ours - NDLAC is in Region 5) have six automatic places progressing through to their respective Regions from the Zone Carnival. Then a maximum of four next best qualifiers from each Region will also be taken through, making a total of up to 16 athletes in each event at each region.

The first three placegetters in all events receive medals. The first two placegetters in U9 to U17 events automatically qualify for the State Championships as will the next eight best performances in finals across the eight Regional Championships. 

Region Program details for 2018-19 are as follows:

- Track Program

- Field Program

A map of the venue can be found here

Start Time:  First Marshaling Call: 7.30am.  Events commence at 8:00am - both days.


Venue Entry

Gates will open at 7am each day.

There will be NO gate entry fee this season.  Each athlete is required to pay a $10 levy per qualifying athlete.  


Team Manager:

Your NDLAC Team Managers are Adelle Toynbee and Heather Shepherd.  They are responsible for the liaison between their centre athletes and carnival management throughout the weekend.  All athletes and parents please note that only the listed Team Manager(s) from each Centre will be able to deal with officials and lodge protests over the weekend.



A program showing Region 5 events and ‘not before’ times is included above.  

Events may be called 30 minutes prior to the ‘not before’ time ready to start at that time, so please ensure that athletes arrive at the ground at least 60 minutes prior to the “Not Before” Start time listed for their event.  If an athlete does not turn up for their event at marshalling, it runs without them and they miss out.

There will be no printed programs for sale over the weekend.  The full official program should be available online just prior to the carnival for you to download and print if you required.

All competitors (U9 and above) are advised to review the program for the State Championships via the LANSW website, to ensure availability in the event of qualification to progress.  

Notes - The State Championships will take place over TWO DAYS this season – Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 March 2019 at Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre (SOPAC).  There will be no Friday night events this season.

The State program is very different to the Region 5 program.  Events are NOT necessarily on the same day – so please check the State program carefully for your availability.


Parents and guardians  - Please ensure your read the following important information:


Centre Uniform:

All competitors must wear the correct, approved Centre uniform, which includes:

* The correct individual McDonald’s (with the red border fully visible) or OneSport registration number firmly attached to the front of their top.

* Correct Age Patch firmly attached to the front left hand side of the top or shorts.

* Coles patch (red) firmly attached to the right hand chest of the top.

Pins are acceptable, provided the patches are all secured well and do not ‘flap’ around loosely.


Compression Garments:

* Compression garments must be above the knee.  

There will be no leniency shown at Region marshaling – any competitor not correctly attired will be sent to their Team Manager to correct their uniform, but the event will not be held waiting for them to return.

Any athlete with the wrong number or no current season registration number must be issued with a new number by the centre Team Manager and the team manager must advise Carnival information of the old and new registration numbers and other athlete details.  The athlete’s original number will be cancelled, and the new number will become their number for the remainder of the 2018/19 season.  Events will not be held pending the issue of new registration numbers.

We recommend that all athletes check your uniform very carefully with the Team Managers on arrival before athletes attend marshaling to avoid any disappointment on the day.


Competitor Footwear: 

Shoes are compulsory for all competitors in all events. No athlete may compete bare foot in any event.

Spikes may be worn as follows:


U8, U9 & U10: Spikes may not be worn in any event.


Athletes in the U11‐U17 age groups only may wear spike shoes in events run entirely in lanes, long jump, triple jump, high jump and javelin.

Athletes in the U12-U17 age groups may wear spike shoes in all of the events listed above, as well as events not run entirely within lanes, except walks.


At Narrabeen, any brand of Christmas Tree spikes up to 7mm on the track and 9mm for jumps may be used.

If Pyramid spikes are used ONLY the following “Omni Lite” Pyramid spikes are now permitted on the Narrabeen Track

* Pyramid 5mm 

* Pyramid 7mm 

* Pyramid 9mm – jumps only 


All spike shoes must be worn with all holes filled with a complete set of spikes, with no more than 2 blanks/slugs installed.





It is a requirement of Little Athletics that all children be accompanied by an adult at the carnival at all times. 


Parent Assistance:

All centres have been given a number of parent helper duties.  It is the responsibility of each Centre Team Manager to MAKE SURE that every rostered duty is fulfilled by their centre.


All parent helpers must report to their Centre Team Manager prior to attending their rostered duty to be issued with a Club lanyard identifying them as a Parent Helper.  Access to the competition area will not be allowed without this Club lanyard identification.  Parent Helpers sign on for their duty at the event area.


Team Managers - Please keep track of all duties and make sure you have parents in the correct place at the correct time otherwise the carnival will be delayed waiting for them.  An event area map will be included in the team manager information package and also available at the information desk throughout the weekend.


All parent helpers must be wearing closed in shoes – not thongs or sandals.


All parent helpers are required to sign on at the event area they are assigned to, and if they do not report in time your Centre will be called over the p.a. to supply an alternate helper.



It is not uncommon to sight snakes at the venue.  Please be alert and aware at all times, and for this reason it is emphasized that parent helpers must be wearing closed shoes, and strongly recommended that all adults and athletes wear closed shoes (not their spikes) when walking around the venue, particularly the upper throws area and long jumps 1 and 2 on the far side of the track away from the grandstand.



The Region Championships will go ahead regardless of the weather, so athletes and parents should come prepared with hats and sunscreen as well as umbrellas and raincoats!


In the event of extreme conditions, such as excessive heat, storms or flooding, the Championships may be delayed or temporarily suspended.  Any decision to delay or postpone the Championships will be made by the Region Committee and advised to Centre Team Managers as soon as possible.


Warming Up:

Unfortunately there is no designated warm up area available at this venue.  Please advise all athletes, parents and coaches that there is to be NO warming up inside the perimeter fence of the track after 7.30 a.m. on both days of the carnival. 


Coaches Area – Senior Athletes ONLY

An area designated for Coaches to speak with athletes will be clearly marked on the perimeter fence for all field events EXCEPT at Triple Jump pits 1 and 2 (due to the possibility for interference across the track).


Clash of Events:

There will be a Clash Manager (and assistants) responsible for collecting athletes from field events and taking them to track events when there is a clash.  As a suggestion to make this clash management easier for everyone concerned, especially the younger age groups U8-U11, each Centre Team Manager may consider writing the child’s events on their hand each morning, along with the ‘not before time’ so that the Event Chief and Clash Manager can more easily assist in identify any event clashes during the day.

Event Chiefs will be instructed only to release children to designated Clash Manager/Assistants (identified by a lanyard).  Please advise parents they MUST NOT remove children from an event themselves.  If they do, the child risks disqualification.



In addition to being posted on the notice board at the ground, all results will be available online as soon as possible after the event.  You can access these results at http://www.littlearesults.com/region5



All competitors will receive a medal if they are placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a final.   Medals will be presented as soon as possible after the event.  Track medalists should remain in the designated shade tent at the finish line until their medal presentation.  Field medalists will be taken to the presentation area by an official at the conclusion of their event.

Athletes in the 1500m Walk and 3000m run who do not achieve the qualifying times for the State Championships will still receive medals at region for placing 1, 2 or 3, but will not progress unless the times above are achieved.


All competitors will also receive a certificate showing all their performances via their Centre in due course.



Medals will be pre-engraved with the age group and event.


Ensign Engraving will be engraving on site from approx. 10am to 4pm each day if athletes wish to add their own name, performance details, etc. They will be located near the canteen.

The cost will be just $10 to record the athlete name and performance details.


Withdrawal from events at the Region 5 carnival.

For withdrawal from a field event, no action is required.

If an athlete wishes to withdraw from a track event, the Team Manager should advise the Information Desk up to 60 minutes prior to the event to allow start lists to be amended accordingly, and in the case of a final, the reserve to be put into the event.


Progression from Region to State:

U8: Competitors do not progress beyond Region. 

U9 to U17: The first 2 place getters in a final automatically progress to the State Championships.

In addition, the next best 8 competitors in each event across the State will progress.


Only the first place Relay Team will progress to State level.


Withdrawals from next level of competition (U9-U17)

Any athlete who may qualify to compete at the State Championship but who knows they will not participate must advise the Team Manager BEFORE the end of the Region carnival weekend.  Team Managers must in turn advise the Computer Room on the form provided in the Team Manager Information Pack.


Services Available:

Full canteen and BBQ

First Aid by St John Ambulance Manly Warringah Division

Tensegrity Sports Chiropractors

Kings Track and Field – T&F supplies – all day both days


Paul Seiser from SPA IMAGES will be attending on Sunday only.  Photographs taken will be available for sale via Paul’s website www.spaimages.com.au after the event.

Flyers will full details and costs will be available at information and posted around the ground over the weekend.


More Information:

Please contact any of the following:

Region Coordinator/NEM Zone Coordinator         Ken Carter

Region Secretary:  Sally Richardson               richardsonsally@outlook.com.


LANSW State Championships will be held at Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre (SOPAC), Homebush on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 March 2019. You will be advised of qualifiers and further information in due course, however, the program is currently available on the LANSW website.

Congratulations and the very best of luck to all athletes who have qualified to compete at the Region 5 Championships.


Further information will be emailed out closer to the carnival, so please keep an eye on your inboxes!